I got some strange looks the other day when I said Kubiando to some new friends. For me, Kubiando is a warm greeting to share with friends and family as well as a bit of blessing for them.

Here is more history on Kubiando from the website Kubiando.com:
“Kubi “ – relates to a House Spirit – and the “ando” – relates to Bliss, or Blessing.   The home is where the heart is, and the blessing comes from the heart.  It can also be translated as our home being the earth, and the blessing is our connection to the earth, and the gifts of nature’s bounty.

And a poem from the same website:

Kubiando is a Way of Living

Knowing that the Universe supports you
Understanding Life’s Lessons along the way
Believe in Yourself
Invent new ways of being and be an Inspiration
Always do your Best
Never, never, never, give up
Divine guidance surrounds you
One Love, One Circle of Life

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